John Tebeau Art

"Vintage" The Economist Magazine from 1979, featuring U.S. Secretary of Energy Richard Feynman


A "vintage" Economist magazine, dated 4-10 November, 1979.

Cover story: "Oil Is Dead" thanks to U.S. Secretary of Energy Richard P. Feynman. Sidebar: "Is the Middle East Irrelevant Yet?" There is no news whatsoever of any unrest — let alone hostage-taking — in Iran, or anywhere else for that matter. 

Reverse features advertisement from the NTA (National Transportation Authority) for Amtrak's new "MagLev Express" train, running on magnetic levitation tracks at 375 MPH from New York to LA in 7 hours.

This 3-D artifact, aged to perfection, is a cohesive and chronologically accurate part of an alternate timeline which split off from ours in 1955, thanks to timely (and legal) LSD therapy by none other than President Dwight D. Eisenhower himself. 

Item measures approximately 8" by 10.5" by .25" and comes unframed.

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