John Tebeau Art

Custom Art

The Process

Never commissioned a piece of original art before? It’s fun and easy.

First, decide on a place you love: your favorite hangout, your home, the place you fell in love, a restaurant, a bar, your old college haunt, whatever. Someplace that means something deep to you, or someone you love, if this is a gift.

Then you and I start a conversation (see the button below) and talk about the size and style you’d like: as small as 5” by 7” to as large as 12” by 16”. I can do a clean, black and white line drawing, or go all the way with watercolors. I’ll send you a price sheet, and you can choose whatever fits your budget. All pieces are done on thick, heavy, acid-free Fabriano or Arches art paper. Optional framing is extra, and I can take care of that too, if you’d like, having it done by KC Art & Framing in Cobble Hill, a family-run business since 1983. I used to work at KC, and my people there will take care of your jo professionally and beautifully. (Framing prices start as low as $100 and go up from there.)

Next, you make a 50% down payment, via Venmo, PayPal, Zelle, personal check, or cash. Cash is fun as we’ll get to meet in person and talk some more about the project. It helps my job to understand your feelings for the place I’m going to draw.

Photos: If you have a vision for the perspective you’d like or time of day/night, please take a few phone pix and send them to me. Otherwise I’m more than happy to get the reference photos myself.

At this point, you just sit back in a state of sweet anticipation while I go to work. The job may take only a couple weeks or a few months, depending on how many other commissions I’m already working on. I’ll keep you posted on progress, emailing you preliminary sketches and pictures of the piece along the way. If it’s a time-sensitive gift, it’s good to plan at least two months in advance, or prepare to be flexible on the completion date. You can also give the recipient a print of the preliminary sketch as a sneak peek of what’s coming their way.

And when I’m finished, you simply pay the final 50%, at which point I send you the art. Shipping is free, but we can also we meet up and I’ll deliver it by hand, when we toast the end of a beautiful project.

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