John Tebeau Art

"Vintage" Amtrak MagLev Express poster (1979)


A "vintage" 1979 Amtrak poster hyping the new MagLev Express, an electromagnetic levitating bullet train running from New York to Los Angeles at 375mph, getting you across the continent in just 7 hours. Wow.

Thanks to the development of clean, safe fusion power, this train has a teeny-tiny carbon footprint. And thanks to President Nixon's creation of the National Transportation Authority in 1964 (Building on Eisenhower's vision for fast, effective interstate travel), the 1980 MagLev Express was the latest of many jewels in the crown of our robust national public transportation system. And it only got better from there.

This artifact, aged to perfection, is a cohesive and chronologically accurate part of an alternate timeline, which split off from ours in 1955, thanks to timely (and legal) LSD therapy by none other than President Dwight D. Eisenhower himself. 

Poster measures 11" by 17" and is available framed and unframed.

Prices include shipping in the USA. Can ship beyond for an extra charge.