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Re-Elect Mondale Ferraro 1988 "vintage" t-shirt


Re-Elect Mondale Ferraro 1988
Re-Elect Mondale Ferraro 1988 Re-Elect Mondale Ferraro 1988

A "vintage" 1988 t-shirt from President Walter Mondale's re-election campaign with running mate Geraldine Ferraro. Yeah, they whipped Reagan like a mule in 1984 when his Alzheimer's disease (and diseased domestic agenda) became too obvious to ignore, even by most Republicrats.

This artifact, aged to perfection, is a cohesive and chronologically accurate part of an alternate timeline, which split off from ours in 1955, thanks to timely (and legal) LSD therapy by none other than President Dwight D. Eisenhower himself. 

Colors range from light blue to turquoise, sizes from medium to XL.

Price includes shipping in the USA. Can ship beyond for an extra charge.