John Tebeau Art

"On Beyond Yahweh!" a 'vintage' children's book, 1963


A "vintage" hardcover book with worn dustcover, "On Beyond Yahweh!" by Dr. Suess.

This delightful children's book was found at a resale shop in another timeline. A timeline where the famous author/illustrator was unfettered by hangups like societal norms, uptight publishers and fear of recrimination by religious zealots to the point where a clearthinking iconoclast could actually (GASP) publish a book for kids that explores the topics of religion, alternate superior beings, and a lighthearted look at spirituality.

This 3-D artifact, aged to perfection, is a cohesive and chronologically accurate part of an alternate timeline, which split off from ours in 1955, thanks to timely (and legal) LSD therapy by none other than President Dwight D. Eisenhower himself. 

Size is approx. 8.25" by 11.25". Price include shipping in the USA. Can ship beyond for an extra charge.