John Tebeau Art

"1978", pop art painting: nostalgia by John Tebeau


1978 art
1978 art wonder woman art pop art belushi art cheech and chong art

Jimmy Carter was in the White House... "Hot Child in the City" was burnin' up the charts, and a young Steve Martin taught us all how to laugh... ironically.

Relive the adolescent wonders of the year 1978 with a dynamic and colorful original acrylic painting on canvas by John Tebeau.

This two-dimensional trip down memory lane includes icons like Cheech and Chong, John Belushi in "Animal House", Lynda Carter as Wonder Woman, Timer (the cheese-loving little dude that apparently lives in your body and keeps things running), Space Invaders, Charlie's Angels... the list goes on and on.

A feast for the eyes, an explosion of color, a perfect gift for someone born in 1978, or those fans of Mr. Bill on your list.

Size: 48" by 36", stretched, coated (for protection of the paint) and ready to hang.

Will ship via UPS or FedEx, carefully packaged for safe shipping. Shipping is free in the USA.