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I’m a Brooklyn-based fan of bold lines, and I make original art with solid design and vibrant colors. I’m also extremely connected to places, and a lot of my original art and prints reflects that.

I was strongly influenced by the Harvey Kurtzman era of MAD magazine (back when it was actually a comic book) and cartoonists like Don Martin, Robert Crumb and Al Hirschfeld. I taught myself how to draw back in elementary school and started painting later, melding cartoon sensibilities with an appreciation for original art that shows wit and dash.

As a kid, I absorbed the comedy of Steve Martin, the Smothers Brothers and George Carlin. I love a well-told story and a solid, honest laugh as much as a good painting. Maybe more.

I’ve gotten around. After growing up in Michigan I lived in Chicago, Palo Alto, San Francisco, now New York, and part time in New Orleans. All three US coasts. Like I said, I love places (it’s called “topophilia”), and I infuse that love into a lot of my original art.


BROOKLYN: “Great Good Places of New York” now for sale at Frames on L in Williamsburg, By Brooklyn in Carroll Gardens, KC Arts in Cobble Hill and Brooklyn Frame Works in Park Slope. Not to mention the museum store at the Brooklyn Historical Society. Thanks, guys! Check ’em out and tell them I said hi!

NEW ORLEANS: Six prints celebrating some of my favorite taverns and bars of New Orleans are now being carried by the fabulous Je T’Aime NOLA at 3613 Magazine Street (between Louisiana & Napoleon). Jana and Karen have created, at this cool little store, what I call the finest balance of competence and friendliness on Magazine. Stop by and make a couple new friends!

"The Country Cub" original art print © 2014

“The Country Club” © 2014

SAN FRANCISCO: The good folks at 3 Fish Studios are new carrying my Great Good Places of San Francisco and a couple of other prints of original art related to that fabled city. Check them out (and all their marvelous, printed-in-house artwork) in the Outer Sunset. Enjoy the fresh air!

Vesuvio bar original art print san Francisco

Cafe Vesuvio

AND: ORIGINAL ART AND PRINTS NOW FOR SALE AT THE ANN ARBOR ART CENTER. Hand-tinted Blimpy Burgers! Law Quads! Blue Front Deli! Dominick’s!









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