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I’m a Brooklyn-based fan of bold lines, solid design and vibrant colors. I’m also extremely connected to places, and a lot of my pieces reflect that.

I was strongly influenced by the Harvey Kurtzman era of MAD magazine (back when it was actually a comic book) and cartoonists like Don Martin, Robert Crumb and Al Hirschfeld. I taught myself how to draw back in elementary school and started painting later, melding cartoon sensibilities with an appreciation for art that shows wit and dash.

As a kid, I absorbed the comedy of Bill Cosby, Steve Martin, the Smothers Brothers and George Carlin. I love a well-told story and a solid, honest laugh as much as a good painting. Maybe more.

I’ve gotten around. After growing up in Michigan I lived in Chicago, Palo Alto, San Francisco, now New York, and part time in New Orleans. All three US coasts. Like I said, I love places (it’s called “topophilia”), and I infuse that love into a lot of my work.

ann arbor's favorite buger blimpy's print by john tebeau

“Blimpy Burger” by J. Tebeau © 2013

ann arbor blue front store art

“Blue Front” by J. Tebeau © 2009



“Law Quad” by J. Tebeau © 2013

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