John Tebeau Art


How do you make your art?

First, I take some photos of a place for reference, or I use Google’s “street view” function. Then I sketch, in pencil, some practice drawings to try to get the right “feel” of the place. I try to capture the personality, and sketch in an exaggerated, cartoony way, as you might when drawing a caricature of a person. Then, after I get the pencil sketch done to my liking on a piece of thick, heavy watercolor paper (usually the Italian Fabriano brand), I’ll ink the drawing with pen and/or India ink and a brush. Then I’ll either color them with watercolors, tint them in shades of grey using ink and water and a brush, or have color prints made using the hands-on silkscreen method or the digital giclée method. Both create beautiful, high-quality, archival art.

How do I buy a print?

Can I get a custom-size print?

What’s an original piece of your art like?

How do I purchase an original piece?

How long will it take to get my art?

What are your favorite bars in New York/San Francisco/New Orleans/etc.?

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How did you get a book deal?