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Casa Dominick's of Ann Arbor Michigan: Original Art (pen, ink and Wite-out on paper)


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An original, one of a kind drawing of Dominick's of Ann Arbor, Michigan.

The drawing is 12" by 16" on 14" by 18" 140-lb Fabriano watercolor paper, perfect for a standard-size frame. It's drawn in pen and black India ink, with corrections made with Wite-Out. 

If you love Ann Arbor and/or the University of Michigan, chances are you have a warm place in your heart for Casa Dominick's. I sure do.

Aesthetically, Dominick's is gorgeous, with a semi-rustic, indoor/outdoor, hang-loose 1970s feel more akin to northern California than southeast Michigan. It was built, largely by hand, by the DeVarti family, whose paterfamilias Dominick was, among other things, a builder.

Dominick's was established smack dab in the middle of serious-student central, nestled on a mostly residential street between the U of M Law School, the School of Business Administration, the College of Art and Architecture, and the School of Education. It opened in 1959, just in time for the 'sixties to hit Ann Arbor, and hit they did. By the 'seventies, Dominick's was both a hub for the most studious (mathematics Ph.Ds famously worked there for hours at a time) and the most creative (the now-famous Ann Arbor film fest was born there).

Will ship for free via first class US Mail, in a flat, sturdy package.