John’s work is a delight to behold, and he’s a delight to work with as well.

– Jim Ottaviani

John is an extremely gifted individual who not only is an amazing illustrator and designer, but “gets” the bigger picture. He has a mind that captures and remembers *everything* – from obscure political factoids to cultural trends and personalities. His crazy fast and spot-on wit flows from this rich fountain. This inspires his art as well as his life – he’s someone you should know!

– Tanya Zumach

I’ve had John do some customized paintings for me. He even came down to Georgia to paint an old time mural of a Coca Cola Advertisement on my large basement wall. He did an excellent job. I also am having him to many paintings for my basement rec that will have an old retro diner style to it. He has agreed to create many paintings with that theme.

– Jack Bushong

Lots of people have artistic talent. John’s great use of color and cartoon-inspired images put him in that category.

What sets John apart is what comes with the talent.

He’s extraordinary in his ability to hear what clients want and translate that into great art. Often people don’t have the words to describe their request, they only know how they want it to feel. He can extract enough to make that feeling come to life.

He brings a great sense of humor and an intelligent world view to his art, so it’s not just a pretty picture but has depth. Maybe it’ll be inspired by an 18th century masterpiece, or maybe it’ll be a riff on Pulp Fiction, or both. Anything is possible.

Finally, and this is significant, John understands that the art needs to make the client happy. If he has an idea he loves but you don’t, he’ll tell you where he was coming from but not fight you on what you need. He knows the customer has a vision and he’s there to help achieve it.

I’ve worked with artists and graphic designers my whole professional career so I know what a rarity he is — a talented artist who does what’s needed by the deadline you give him. He’s fabulous.

Sure I’m biased because John’s my husband BUT even so, he’s an artist I would recommend to professional colleagues whole heartedly.

– Colleen Newvine

I have known John for as far back as my memory serves me. When we were kids he began to create little bits of art that were inspired by the people around him. As the years went by, he became more skilled, and even more creative. John has always possessed a great sense of humor, fun, and a the ability to zero in on the absurd. That always translates to the artwork. Excellent stuff!

– H.T. Riekels

John Tebeau is an incredible person. I can speak to his abilities in the office, which I will quickly say are incredible, but I find it more important to focus on his art. John’s ability to capture the real as well as the fantastic of our surrounding world is outstanding. His paintings and illustrations are downright beautiful. Not to mention his ability to understand what YOU want.

– Nayiri Mullinix

A gifted artist with a flair for the humorous and an exceptional human being. I have several of his pieces, and every time I look at one, it is a delight.

– Phillip Laurin

John’s creative talents are undeniable and distinct! His professional work has made lasting impressions on private and commercial clients across the board. John’s artistic strengths lie in his keen ability to infuse culture, language, and emotion into each innovative piece he creates. I highly recommend John Tebeau for your illustration, painting, and other creative needs!

– Dan Kim

John is an amazing artist. I am fortunate to have one of his original paintings, and everyone who sees it is drawn to it. His art is always witty, fresh and imaginitive. I am currently moving into a new place, and I am organizing the front room with the goal of creating the best display spot for John’s painting.

– Katie Vloet