Brooklyn’s Great Good Places: More Exploration

I visited two radically different places one day last month, in two of Brooklyn’s great neighborhoods. I loved them both. Berg’n is a gigantic, hypersocial beerhall & foodatorium. Bed-Vyne Brew is a rustic, intimate corner bar focusing on beer, wine and music. Both are a damn delight. You can live someplace all your life and not know everything […]

Adobe Blues: A Taste of a Great Good Place

Adobe Blues is the kind of place that will surprise the hell out of you. [The following is a snippet from the “Adobe Blues” chapter of my upcoming book Great Good Places of New York, to be published by Rizzoli in 2018] Adobe Blues is the best kind of bar you’ll ever visit: a regulars […]

Visiting Harlem: Get Up There and Do It

Visiting Harlem has been high on my to-do list as I’m working on my current project, a book covering favorite neighborhood bars, taverns and dives of NYC. It’s called Great Good Places of New York to be published by Rizzoli in 2018. I trend toward Brooklyn-centricism these days (read: comfy, lazy, parochial), but got off my duff earlier this […]

Williamsburg Bars: Lucky Dog & Greenpoint Tavern

Williamsburg bars are legion. After all, it’s one of the liveliest neighborhoods in Brooklyn and one of the early epicenters that made the whole borough “cool” with it’s dense nightlife, music scene, beer bars and restaurants. It was ground zero for the Brooklyn Renaissance since the early ’90s or so. But a lot of Williamsburg’s […]

Dog Bars. I Love Them. Cat Cafés, Too. Why Not?

Dog bars: they have personality. I love a bar with personality, ergo, I love dog bars, that is, bars that allow pooches inside. But there’s a hitch: departments of health. Some of them (specifically the one here in New York) aren’t so keen on hairy beasts in public houses of consumption. And you should see […]

Staten Island Bar Hopping (Again!)

If you don’t already live there, Staten Island bar hopping takes some doing, but it’s worth it. First you have to hop across New York’s harbor, which you can do by car via the Verrazano–Narrows Bridge (for a toll) or on the Staten Island Ferry (for free). But once you’re there, you’re in a different […]

Rockaway Beach Bingo: More Research in Outer Queens

Surfing in New York City. Yes, surfing, the water kind. Rockaway Beach feels like a hoppin’ little surfer community right here in NYC. Waaaaaay the hell out at the edge of Queens, it’s on a long, narrow spit of land with an enormous beach facing the Atlantic, the other side on Jamaica Bay, and it’s only an A […]

Queens Bars Part II — More Exploration.

Queens bars must number in the hundreds — maybe thousands. But don’t worry…. I’ve done the heavy lifting and checked out several of them for you. This is part two covering a recent visit that sprawled from Astoria to Forest Hills. Part one is here and we’ve also done a couple other visits to great […]

Visiting Queens New York, Exploring Great Bars

Visiting Queens New York expanded my admittedly provincial view of the city. It was a hell of a good time, too. Explore Queens, and have wheels, too, that’s my advice. Queens is a driving borough, unlike say, Manhattan, where you can walk and subway more easily. And having a guide who knows their shit doesn’t hurt either. Queens […]

Visiting Bay Ridge: a Few Places to Consider

Visiting Bay Ridge a couple weeks ago wised me up. I discovered a charming, diverse neighborhood with deep history, clean air, and contemporary vibrancy. It’s on New York harbor in the southwest part of Brooklyn. Sure, that’s considered a bit out of the way by most New Yorkers, for whom a subway trip longer than 30 minutes is unthinkable. But […]