Adobe Blues: a Hell of a Fine Beer Bar on Staten Island. I love this place.

ADOBE BLUES • New Brighton, Staten Island (This post is the first in a series of sneak peeks from the chapters of my book Bars, Taverns and Dives New Yorkers Love, coming out in March 2018 from Rizzoli Publishing.) “It’s just a great neighborhood place. A place people like to go. It’s like . . […]

New York Beach Bars: Go Visit While You Still Can.

“Watching the summer close is like watching a good kid die for no apparent reason.”                                                                                 […]

50 Favorite Bars of New York: My Book Is Available on Amazon! (order now)

Well, it’s been a long time coming, my friends, but it’s done. I turned in the final art and last draft of my bar book to my editors a couple of weeks ago. It was formerly known as Great Good Places of New York, and is now going by the title Bars, Taverns, and Dives New […]

Sunny’s Bar Group Art Show May 8

Sunny’s Bar in Red Hook Brooklyn hosts a three-artist show opening May 8, 2017 Sunny’s Bar is one of those great old-fashioned New York bars that make the city a richer place. It’s not just old, and it’s not just eccentric (though it scores high on both counts). It’s a place of great warmth and […]

Chumley’s Bar Reopened, and With SWANK

Well, it’s finally happened. Since it caved in on itself during renovation back in 2007, Chumley’s, the legendary speakeasy/literary dive/Greenwich Village stalwart since 1922, is, since October, in business again. But like a body with a head transplant (or a head with a body transplant), it ain’t quite the same. The new place, built pretty […]

The Night I Fell in Love With the Brooklyn Ice House

I like a lot of places. That’s me. I get attached to specific locales, like cats do. As my friend Bob once said, “I miss every place I’ve ever lived,” and I get it. I dig places. And I definitely like several bars here in New York, but love? That’s not a word I bandy […]

Montero’s Bar, J. G. Melon & Radegast Hall Prints For Sale

Montero’s Bar & Grill of Brooklyn Heights will be featured in my upcoming book Great Good Places of New York, along with J. G. Melon’s (Upper East Side) and Radegast Hall (Williamsburg, Brooklyn). I loved drawing these three almost as much as I love visiting them. These are special places. You should check them out, whether you live in […]

Brooklyn’s Great Good Places: More Exploration

I visited two radically different places one day last month, in two of Brooklyn’s great neighborhoods. I loved them both. Berg’n is a gigantic, hypersocial beerhall & foodatorium. Bed-Vyne Brew is a rustic, intimate corner bar focusing on beer, wine and music. Both are a damn delight. You can live someplace all your life and not know everything […]

Adobe Blues: A Taste of a Great Good Place

Adobe Blues is the kind of place that will surprise the hell out of you. [The following is a snippet from the “Adobe Blues” chapter of my upcoming book Great Good Places of New York, to be published by Rizzoli in 2018] Adobe Blues is the best kind of bar you’ll ever visit: a regulars […]

Visiting Harlem: Get Up There and Do It

Visiting Harlem has been high on my to-do list as I’m working on my current project, a book covering favorite neighborhood bars, taverns and dives of NYC. It’s called Great Good Places of New York to be published by Rizzoli in 2018. I trend toward Brooklyn-centricism these days (read: comfy, lazy, parochial), but got off my duff earlier this […]